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Pirates of the Caribbean slash zines

Debuted at MediaWest*Con, May 2006


A PotC slash novel by Glow & Moonshine
(Sequel to the novel Parley)
Cover by Suzan, 5 pieces of interior art by Bluespirit and Kate N.
Will Turner/Jack Sparrow
255 pages
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Matelotage (mä-t-l-täzh'): a homosexual union wherein the partners hold their possessions in common, with the survivor inheriting; pirate marriage.

The continuing adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow and William Turner resume a few weeks after the close of Parley, the award-winning slash novel that united our heroes in the bond of matelotage—marriage in all but name. Matelotage unfolds within the universe created in Parley and WILL NOT REFLECT EVENTS FROM THE NEW MOVIES. The action opens as Jack, Will, and the crew of the Pearl undertake their maiden voyage as newly minted privateers. Armed with what amounts to a license to steal, our jolly pirates are in hot pursuit of plunder. Unfortunately, whilst everyone aboard seems to have a special function, Will is wracked with doubt as he has yet to realize what his place will be aboard ship. Though it pains him, Jack knows he must give his William the freedom to find his way.

     "Your place is amongst us," Jack said gently, "here by me side, just as it's been all along."
     "But exactly what purpose do I serve," Will asked plaintively, "that can't be done by any able-bodied seaman...other than to act as the captain's doxy?"
     "Captain's doxy!" Jack exclaimed, so startled that such a tawdry term had passed through his lover's genteel lips that he yanked his hand from Will's as though it had caught fire. Jack hadn't meant to shout so loudly...especially in lieu of the badly timed break in the music that sent his voice booming across the deck. One of the catgut strings on Cookie's fiddle chose that moment to break and so season the utter silence with an overloud twang! It didn't seem natural that a mass of carousing drunkards were capable of such keen focus in the midst of their revelry, yet there it was: A ship full of eyes—and in some cases eye-patches—turned in their direction, bottles and tankards pried from thirsty lips in order for mouths to fall in a collective gape.
     Jack Sparrow wouldn't have given the over-inquisitive attention a care except for the fact that his partner had gone ashen.
Will Turner's importance aboard the Pearl quickly becomes clear, though not in a manner he would have ever desired. Stalked by an unseen enemy, haunted by a past he's struggled his whole life to bury, Jack Sparrow slowly begins to unravel. Can Will's staunch loyalty, unwavering devotion, and undying love see his partner through the dark days ahead?

Action, suspense, humor, tenderness, revelation, redemption, soul-saving love and flesh-searing passion, this sequel to Parley runs the gamut, weaving an intricate, character-driven story that you will find difficult to set down. The love between Jack Sparrow and Will Turner soars to new heights as the faithful partnership they share becomes their most potent weapon against forces that threaten the ship, the crew, and their very lives.

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Debuted at MediaWest*Con, May 2005


2005 Huggy Award Winner - Special Award
(as originally published in La Chair)
A PotC slash novel by Glow & Moonshine
Cover by Agt. Spooky
Will Turner/Jack Sparrow
84,600+ words, 125 pages

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Huggy Award 2005 Winner

A missive from Governor Swann informs Jack Sparrow that William Turner has gone missing. With the trail long cold, Jack seeks clues from an unconventional source—or perhaps not so unconventional for a man who owns a compass that doesn't point north. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the Black Pearl's captain and crew of jolly jack tars, when Jack finally finds his lad it's almost too late...

     "Speak to me, laddie," a voice said from far away.
     Blackness masked Will's vision as a hand passed over his forehead. Careful fingers delicately pushed back his eyelid, allowing Will a greater measure of sight.
I am dying, Will thought, as an angel filled his shadowy vision. An angel with the aspect of a gypsy and the sad, dark eyes of a saint hovered over him.
     "Com'on, boy," begged the angel. "Give us a sign."
Know that voice...smoky...good....
     Fingers carded through his hair, lightly probing his neck, shoulders, chest. A palm tenderly traced the exit scar of his long-healed shoulder wound; another set of fingers gently raked his ribs, eliciting a moan of pain.
     "Nothing for it," the familiar voice muttered. "Got to get you out of here now."
     The angel put him down and Will Turner continued to fall...fall...fall....

And thus is Jack Sparrow launched upon his quest to save the life and sanity of his great love, William Turner: A quest that will be marked by pain and laughter, the rebirth of love after loss, and the renewal of honor and purpose. Alternately hot and tender, here is a meaty story that has it all—bold plot and even bolder lovemaking, again and again.

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