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Lord of the Rings slash zines

Debuted at MediaWest Con, May 2005

Eternally Bound

Eternally Bound:
The Fellowship Reforged

A LOTR slash novel by Glow & Moonshine
Cover & four pages of interior art by
The Theban Band
193,000+ words, 266 pages
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2006 Fan Q Honorable Mention - LOTR Stand-Alone 'Zine, Slash

This sweeping slash novel opens on the battlefield before the Black Gate. Sauron has been defeated forever, yet Aragorn and the surviving members of the Fellowship of the Ring find themselves torn by grief, believing the fires of Mount Doom have consumed Sam and Frodo. Sorrow for their fallen comrades clouds their hearts, not only for the Ring-bearer and his faithful companion, but for Boromir the Brave as well. Once again split up, each member of the Fellowship must face his own personal demons as they recount tales from their journey that are both painful and loving. As Merry, Pippin, and Gimli accompany Éomer and the armies of Gondor and Rohan back to Minas Tirith, Legolas and Aragorn are summoned by Gandalf to Ithilien...where they are met with a most unexpected discovery.

     Then reason intruded upon Aragorn's grim thoughts, reminding him of Gandalf's words of greeting. "My healing hands," he whispered aloud. What need would corpses have of healing? Heart leaping within his breast, he dared to walk forth. Before he could reach the bedside and the small figures there swathed in white blankets, Frodo's distressed moan pierced his heart as surely as a spear point. The Ranger pushed past the Elf, falling to his knees beside the low camp bed the Hobbits shared. Immediately, his right hand caressed first one small brow, and then the other. If his fingers lingered a moment longer in Frodo's dark curls ere checking Sam, he could be forgiven the favoritism as the Ring-bearer looked near unto breathing his last.
Aragorn must call upon every inner resource in an effort to heal the failing Hobbits who suffer from a malady akin to the Black Breath. During the bedside vigil, Aragorn—plagued by doubts and worn from a more personal grief—has little to do but remember Boromir, the member of his Fellowship he could not save...and, more importantly, the passionate, exasperating man he fell in love with during the Quest....
     Aragorn shivered. His shaft pressed against his belly, silently begging for a caress.
     "I thought you might return," Boromir murmured at last. His hoarse voice was pragmatic, neither proud nor haughty.
     "As you said," Aragorn answered, attempting to school his wildly beating heart, his words just loud enough to pass amongst the trees, his breath barely sufficient to stir the strip of papery bark that dangled near his lips. "Two together are safer than one alone."
     "There is nought safe in this situation, Aragorn...that is why you are here."
     "I...cannot...conceive your meaning."
     "I find it rather encouraging," Boromir said, his tone warming, as though he had not heard the Ranger's last reply. "It comforts me that you are, indeed, more Man than Elf."

Little does Aragorn know that even as he is overcome with sorrow over his lost love, Pippin is about to make a most startling discover that will forever change all their destinies. Eternally Bound: The Fellowship Reforged is a story of loyalty, the bonds of fellowship, and the power of love to heal.

Set in the movie-verse of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, EB:TFR also relies heavily upon the book-verse for "missing scene" material, place descriptions, and endless inspiration. Encompassing first-times and hurt-comfort, this smoking-hot slash novel takes an alternate-universe turn here and there...most importantly in the final disposition of one of our most beloved characters, Boromir of Gondor.

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