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2006 Fan Q Honorable Mention,
announced at MediaWest*Con 26, May 2006:

Huggy Award 2005 Winner
2005 Huggy Award Winners,
announced at ZebraCon Convention, October 2005:

  • Other Fantasy/Science Fiction: Best Writer - Glow
  • Special Huggy Award - "Parley," as originally published in La Chair
  • Mixed Media: Best Zine - La Chair, edited by MoonGlow Zines' own Kath Moonshine

2004 Fan Q Award Winner,
announced at MediaWest*Con 24, May 2004:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean Story, Slash - "Parley"
    Authors: Kath Moonshine & Glow

Sizzler Award 2003 Winner
2003 SIZZLER Award Winners,
announced at ConneXions Convention, April 2004:

    Awarded to MoonGlow Zines' Glow and Kath Moonshine:
  • "Consanguinity" by Glow - Best Story, Lord of the Rings (in La Chair, a zine from Two Vixens Press/Kath Moonshine)
  • "Parley" by Kath Moonshine and Glow - Best Novel (Pirates of the Caribbean) (as originally published in La Chair, a zine from Two Vixens Press/Kath Moonshine)

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